Caroline’s Master Collection


Still cannot decide which Preset pack is the best one for you?

The Caroline’s Master Collection is the best option!

Get a total of 24 custom Lightroom Presets I created for editing all shots during the last years in 2 different styles each (Low & High). So with this pack you will get 24 presets in total!

It contains the Beach Preset Collection + Food Preset Collection + Lifestyle Preset Collection

*This Preset Pack includes both desktop and mobile presets*

All presets are also available for the FREE Lightroom Mobile App!

This collection is prefect for: everyone in any occasion and !

These presets are mainly meant for photos shot in JPEG format. They may also work with RAW photos, but would sometimes look to exaggerated on RAW photos.

All your edits sometimes require individual adjustments here and there.

Best thing to do is to play with 1) Exposure 2) Contrast 3) White Balance.

Time to create some magic!


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